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New neighborhood association meeting


COEYMANS — A new group called the Coeymans Neighborhood Association is forming and will hold its first meeting April 4 from 5:30-7 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the RCS Community Library, 95 Main St., Ravena.

Issues that will be discussed will include the clearcutting of trees on Bronk Road and Route 144, traffic safety and the need for sidewalks.

Membership in the neighborhood association is open to anyone living in Coeymans, not just the Route 144 corridor.

According to organizers, the association is focused on a number of local issues:

  • Safety in general, particularly within the neighborhood, regarding planning board issues, private and public development, traffic and more.
  • Maintaining property values.
  • The continuation of the historic nature of the unique Hudson River area.
  • Encouraging a balance between industry and neighborhoods.
  • Improving timely dialogue with town and village elected officials, particularly with regard to proposals/planning board issues and future development concepts that will affect the neighborhood.
  • Formal invitation/representation to planning and town board meetings of interest to the area.
  • Presenting a united front as residents and neighbors.

Organizers note that the Coeymans Neighborhood Association is not affiliated with any political party or other groups.

“It is an organization that is only interested in building strong neighborhoods in our community and is open to those in various neighborhoods in Coeymans,” according to organizers. “There is no charge to be in this group.”a

For more information and to RSVP for the April 4 meeting, please contact Ashley at 518-769-7549 or email

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