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Town supervisor: Coeymans moving forward


By George McHugh

Coeymans Town Supervisor

Town Supervisor George McHugh

Coeymans is moving ahead on all fronts as we look forward to the spring! 

Construction blueprints are currently being put out for competitive bid on our $1.2 million Riverfront Park Revitalization Project, which will mitigate storm water from the Hudson River, as well as provide visitors and residents with better traffic flow and parking. 

We are also pushing full steam ahead on the construction of permanent bathroom facilities in both Riverfront Park and Joralemon Park this year, with all funding for these park projects coming from state and federal grants received last year through the efforts of the town board and our town grant writer. Joralemon Park is also slated to have $100,000 in new playground equipment installed as soon as the snow melts, so that families with young children can better enjoy all that Joralemon Park has to offer.

The goal of ensuring that every home in Coeymans has access to broadband internet remains one of our top priorities. Currently, we are working with State Telephone, Verizon, Mid-Hudson Cable and CharterOne to bring high-speed internet service to areas such as Starr Road, Bushendorf Road, and Lindskoog Road, just to name a few. This goal shall remain a top priority of my administration until 100% broadband coverage in Coeymans is achieved. 

In addition to high-speed internet, water and sewer infrastructure sits atop our list of priorities.  The town board, in conjunction with the village of Ravena and our local industries are working towards expansion of the Coeymans Water and Sewer District, to provide municipal water and sewer to our industrial areas along Route 144 so that Coeymans remains “Open for Business,” bringing green initiatives like the offshore wind project to our industrial zone, which will create hundreds of good-paying union jobs in Coeymans and add to our tax base, helping to keep our tax rate low. 

Additionally, we continue to maintain a daily dialogue with local business owners and industry management, to alleviate much of the truck traffic from our Main Streets, and to build an alternate truck route through the lands of Lafarge Cement. Maintaining lines of communication with our industrial partners and local business owners helps ensure the proper balance needed for Coeymans to continue to be a great place to work, while at the same time being a great place to live and raise a family.      

The Town of Coeymans tax rate, at only $2.68 per thousand dollars of assessed value, continues to be the lowest property taxes currently paid by Coeymans residents and businesses, and one of the lowest tax rates in the history of Coeymans, while services such as police, ambulance, paramedics, code enforcement, and a sheriff’s substation continue to protect and serve our community. 

Additionally, through smart budgeting and conservative fiscal spending, Coeymans residents enjoy a healthy fund balance, which will serve us well as we look to grow our town and bring more and better services to our residents. Coeymans property owners are proud of our local fire fighters in Coeymans, Coeymans Hollow and Ravena, as they continue to selflessly volunteer their time and risk their lives to fight fires and protect the person and property in the Town of Coeymans.       

Coeymans has so many good things going on that it is nearly impossible to capture all of it in one message. And although there may be many changes happening, residents and business owners can be assured that the town board and staff will continue to work tirelessly to maintain the proper balance needed to ensure Coeymans remains a great place to live and work. 

As our COVID-19 rates of infection continue to decrease, I urge everyone to continue to remain vigilant and maintain a proper social distance, wear masks when necessary, and vaccinate, so that we as a community will come out of this pandemic healthier and stronger than ever. 

Thank you for the honor and privilege of being able to continue to serve as your town supervisor, God bless all of you, and God bless the town of Coeymans.                 

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