Christmas wishes


By Dick Brooks

For Capital Region Independent Media


December 2014

Dear Santa,

It’s me again, Little Dicky Brooks from Cold Spring Road.

I’ve tried to be faithful about writing to you on a yearly basis so here’s Letter #68. It certainly doesn’t seem that long. I still feel a little guilty about all the “gimme” letters in the beginning. I have been better about the last dozen or so, haven’t I?

It’s been a pretty good year for our family. A few health problems, but they’re pretty much gone now. The Queen’s mother and my Mom both left us last year so this is our first Christmas without them and they are missed. But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the memories of Christmas past, so they really haven’t left.

My boys are fine, no incarcerations so far, and The Princess continues to fill the world with her music. We are so proud of them all.

How are things with Ms. Claus and the elves? I heard that she was looking good. “Weight Watchers” helped? The Queen has worked hard and really looks nice also.

Maybe it’s time for us to think about shedding a few pounds, too. We both have about the same body type — round — and neither of us is getting any younger. I’ll do what I can, but it’ll be easier if I know you’re trying, too. Misery loves company.

I hope you’re taking care of yourself. I know how cold weather makes me feel and I’m a lot younger than you are. Did you get your flu shot this year?

Maybe you could start deliveries the day before Christmas so you wouldn’t be so rushed. Most children wouldn’t mind their presents a day early, at least I know I wouldn’t have minded that at all.

I will leave you a couple of packages of hand warmers that I’ve found to work well. I’ll leave them next to the plate of cookies and the eggnog with our special sweetener in it.

Well, enough of the chit chat, time to get down to business, business being what I want for Christmas this year.

How about a new Corvette? I knew that would give you a chuckle, I’ve been asking for one since 1954, so I couldn’t let this year go by without continuing the tradition. I still have the model of one that you put in my stocking so long ago and I thank you for it. One of my reader friends sent me one last year, so now I have two.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to figure out what I want for Christmas. There’s little that I want and even less that I need. I know I’m driving my wife crazy because I can’t come up with a list for her to shop with. Here’s the best I could come up with:

  • Good health and happiness for all that I know.
  • A big can of kindness to rub on the hurts of those who are lonely and have no one to share the holidays with.
  • Shelter for those without any.
  • Love to thaw the hearts of those who hate.
  • Tender treatment for all things that are small and helpless.
  • The intelligence to see my blessings daily.

That should about do it. I know they’re not easy to find or get, but I know you’ll try your best. I’ll try my best to help out, maybe I can find them on my own.

Well, old friend, take care. Travel safely, remember you can leave some of the cookies.  Give Ms. Claus and the reindeer a hug for me.

Should you ever have a need for an old whittler to help with making the toys, give me a call, I’d love to help. If all goes well, I’ll write again next year.

God bless.

Love you Santa,


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