Body, Mind & Spirit Connections: Let’s celebrate together


By Pat Larsen

For Capital Region Independent Media

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So who’s ready to celebrate EVERYTHING! I know I am.

Just seeing a post for an impending weekend garage sale on a social media page or a returning flee market leaves me feeling exhilarated again. 

But now, it also feels a bit different at the same time, doesn’t it? Are you also seeing people at the grocery stores that are less anxious about stopping to chat again with a neighbor that they hadn’t seen in what seems like forever? Clogging up those aisles again and barely noticing anything around them, let alone allowing you to pass by. Bless their chatty hearts.

Life is indeed GOOD again. It makes me smile every time when I think this is a good problem to have by comparison. 

It seems to be so much more natural again outside the walls of our homes and the edges of caution seem to be falling away more and more each week that passes. 

I’ve decided to focus all of my attention on clearly identifying what I can and really long to do, and then safely step beyond my doorway, masked or not, and get out into the community to enjoy life again.

That led me to check out our local papers to explore the resources that are listed on the Community Events page. Lo and behold, there were loads of fun things being scheduled all over our local counties. Bingo is back!

There are garden club socials with “live” speakers. Cruise-in car show nights and bus trips for seniors are on the list once more. Book sales, barbecues, art courses… on and on, and that was just one list I looked at.

It was very inspiring to see how much was being planned and it reignited my own desire to look for those things that I could participate in. 

The truth is, this column is about encouraging and motivating you to get out into the world. Participate in life again as you desire to. Trust your gut and it’ll lead you to the values of spending time in community again.

Think about what gives you joy. Is it a concert in the park? Sitting at a local pub people-watching? Enjoying an ice cream cone on a warm night? Walking your dog down by the river in Coxsackie and watching boats pass by? Driving up to the mountains and finding a band to enjoy? On and on it goes. The opportunities in our beautiful area are endless.

LIFE is happening once more. It’s up to you to decide if your days are worth the effort to seek life outside of your home again. 

Let’s celebrate together. 

I’m guessing but hopeful our area will be bustling again.

See you at the garage sales!

Wellness Corner: The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection is my sincere offering to help you to realize that each aspect goes hand in hand and makes up the whole, complete person that you can become.

Being a licensed fitness instructor, offering one-on-one personal readings and hypnosis therapy, teaching acupressure techniques to relieve physical issues, and instructing the values of meditation are all parts of what makes up the whole person that I am.

I’m trusting that the inspiration of this column and your desire to get healthier and fit again will facilitate you finding your way to my door soon. 

Pat Larsen is a licensed dance fitness instructor for baby boomers, sassy seniors and active adults. All are welcome. Please contact me at or 518-275-8686. The Shamrock House is the place! Sessions on Monday and Thursday mornings. Follow the sounds of great oldies from back in the day and Motown favorites. My play lists are epic.

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