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One hurt, one driver flees after two vehicle crash

A Subaru and Toyota collided on Route 22 in Canaan, April 29, leaving one injured. Photos by R.E. Lindmark

CANAAN—One person was hurt when two cars collided at 13132 Route 22, April 29 at 7:58 p.m.

Columbia County 911 dispatched Canaan and Red Rock firefighters and the Chatham Rescue Squad to the scene of a personal injury auto accident with entrapment just south of The Fieldhouse.

The operator of the Outback reportedly ran from the scene.

Both lanes of Route 22 were closed during the incident.

Chatham Rescue took the injured person to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA.

State Police dispatched patrols and a K9 team to the scene and are handling the investigation. They were assisted by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Firefighters were back in service at 9:19 p.m.


State Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) conducted 2023 Earth Week Enforcement Details in Columbia, Orange, and Oswego counties.

ECOs conducted several commercial vehicle enforcement details checking emissions coming from heavy duty diesel vehicles traveling New York roadways.

In Columbia County, ECOs joined forces with the City of Hudson Police Department on a truck detail targeting two areas in and around the city that are environmental justice communities disproportionately burdened by pollution.

Officers from both police departments issued nine tickets for violations including a heavy-duty vehicle exhaust leak, transporting solid waste uncovered, unregistered trailer, uninspected motor vehicle, and uninspected trailer.

ECOs routinely conduct commercial vehicle enforcement details year-round.

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DMV marks Bicycle Safety Month

GHENT—May is Bicycle Safety Month, and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reminds all road users of their responsibility to share the road safely whether driving, biking or walking.

Bicyclists are some of the most vulnerable roadway users and have the right to share the road and travel in the same direction as motor vehicles. May 3 was Walk and Bike to School Day so drivers were asked to be especially alert for children riding their bicycles to and from school.

“Bicycle riding is great fun and terrific exercise, so we hope New Yorkers will take advantage of spring weather to get out to ride. We also hope drivers, riders and other road users will look out for each other so everyone gets to their destinations safely,” DMV Commissioner and Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee Chair Mark J.F. Schroeder said in a press release.

At all times, drivers should:

*Check your “blind spots” before you make a turn, parallel park, open a door or leave a curb. Do not depend only on your mirrors—turn your head to look for bicyclists, skaters and scooter operators that may be next to you or approaching

*Give bicyclists room when you drive. Reduce speed as you pass them. Air pressure from a vehicle that passes them quickly can send them off balance

*Be aware that the bicyclist near or in front of you can react to road hazards with sudden changes of speed, direction, or lane position

*Rules of the road and right-of-way apply to and protect these and other highway users. You must yield the right-of-way to them just as you would to another vehicle. And they must obey the rules of the road just as motor vehicle drivers do.

Bicyclists must:

*Ride in a bicycle lane, if available. Where there is none, they must remain near the right curb or edge of the road or on a right shoulder of the road, to prevent interference with other traffic. When they prepare for a left turn or must move left to avoid hazards, cyclists do not have to remain to the right

*Come to a full stop before they enter a roadway from a driveway, an alley or over a curb

*Never travel with more than two side-by-side in a single lane

*Never ride on a sidewalk if it is prohibited by local laws

*Bicyclists and their passengers, and in-line skaters, ages 1 through 13, must wear an approved helmet. Adults must obey any local laws or regulations about helmet use

*Signal turns, lane changes and stops through the use of hand signals. A bicyclist can signal a right turn when they extend the right arm straight out to the right. Left turn—left arm fully extended to left; Stop—left arm extended and bent down at elbow; Right turn—right arm fully extended to right or left arm extended and bent up at elbow

*Never carry an infant under one year old as a passenger. It is against the law. Child passengers ages one-to-four-years-old must ride in attached bicycle safety seats

*Never carry a passenger unless the bicycle has a passenger seat

*Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times and do not carry any item which prevents correct control of the bicycle

*Any bicycle crash that causes death or serious injury must be reported to DMV within 10 days of the incident. Bicycle accident report forms (MV-104C) are available at any motor vehicle office.

A bicycle driven on public highways must have adequate brakes and a horn or bell that can be heard at least 100 feet away. A bicycle used at night must have a headlight visible from at least 500 feet ahead and a red taillight visible from at least 300 feet behind. One of these lights must be visible from at least 200 feet away on each side. A bicycle sold by a dealer must have wide-angle, spoke-mounted reflectors or reflective tires, a wide-angle rear reflector and pedal reflectors.

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